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Who is eleanor ruth dobson "babe ruth"?

who is eleanor ruth dobson "babe ruth"?

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There was a 5 year old giirl of this name who died in the May Blitz bombing of Lancashire. She is found in the list of names here: http://liverpoolremembrance.weebly.com/may-blitz-deaths.html

It is unknown whether notorious womanizer Babe Ruth was the father of Eleanor Ruth with a mistress of the last name Dobson. What is known is that his numerous affairs destroyed his first marraige. At least one of his affairs is known to produce a child, Dorothy Helen Ruth Pirone.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dorothy_Ruth . Please note that he lied to Dorothy about her parentage his entire life. She wrote that she only discovered her true mother at age 59, long after he had passed away.  Perhaps DNA evidence may reveal other hidden children of the Babe, whose closet held many secrets.

Note that if anyone here can discover a connection between Ruth an another mistress or child, they can probably make a lot off another book on him.

If this is in reference to the baseball card signed by Babe Ruth that appeared on an episode of the History Channel's Pawn Stars then I'm 100% certain of the person's identity.

Elinor Ruth Dobson was my aunt; one of my mother's two older siblings. Her name was spelt Elinor, less common than Eleanor. Elinor was born in New Bedford, MA in July of 1933. She lived her entire life in Fairhaven, MA. She was an accountant and was employed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for most of her career. Elinor passed away at the relatively young age of 52 in May of 1986 at the Tufts New England Medical Center only a few months after having been diagnosed with an ovarian tumor.


Physically Elinor possessed pronounced Dobson characteristics and there can be no doubt as to the fact that my grandfather was her biological father.


While still very much a youngster Elinor had written Babe Ruth a letter of appreciation to which he kindly responded with an autographed baseball card. Within a few years of her passing the house in Fairhaven was prepared for the market and the baseball card was discovered amongst stacks and piles of a lifetime of collections. The card would end up in the possession of one of my cousins, here in Connecticut, who at the time was still in his teens. It was brought to my attention recently that the card had been shown to various teen friends and acquaintances of my cousin. This would have been circa late 80s or early 90s. I was disheartened to recently learn that one of these acquaintances stole the card from my cousin and for whatever reason the matter was never pursued. Imagine my surprise when I learned of this as well as the card's eventual moment of fame on Pawn Stars.

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