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Elder care

If an assisted living resident receives a bill from medical services and the assisted living home is receiving the residents income, who should be responsible for this bill?

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Individuals whose net monthly income is higher than the state payment rate may qualify for the program if they pay or agree to pay a portion of their income on monthly medical costs. This is called the share of cost. Individuals eligible with a share of cost must pay or take responsibility for a portion of their medical bills each month before they receive coverage. Medi-Cal then pays the remainder, provided the Medi-Cal program covers the services. This works much like an insurance deductible. The amount of the share of cost is equal to the difference between the "maintenance need standard" and the individual's net non-exempt monthly income. You may want to read about long term care cost by state through http://www.amazines.com/article_detail.cfm/5874407?articleid=5874407.

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