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Atheists will be sent to live on Uranus when Jesus floats back to earth from his gulag on the moon. Nothing atheists have ever done is worthwhile, look at Iran.

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Anonymous Comment

Rocmike in the last 23 hours under your Top Renner alias you have posted 4 hours. Under your Paul Wittenburg 3 hours.  Under your Bill alias you have posted 7 hours and still posting. This is not counting your other aliases plus anonymous. Do you have any kind of life?

Anonymous Comment

Rocmike's alias Bill has started off today's posting marathon with 4 hours of posting. Rocmke has now switched over to it's Ladydarko alias.

Anonymous Comment

He left AOL Answers because he was stalked, bullied, and ridiculed so often by Brain Dead Elden, whoever that really is.

Esteemed Cracker Preacher

He sure was Mr. Bad Ass trashing all the message board posters who were unceremoniously dumped into this clique of a site.  Now Mr. Know it All has a hissy fit and leaves, depriving the World of his brilliance?  SAY IT AIN'T SO!!!!  BRING BACK ELDEN!!!!

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