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How come I can't ejaculate? I have the feeling but nothing comes out.

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Cant Ejaculate When I'm awake.

This ques is a year old and unanswered; wonder if it got resolved; now in 10th grade. Most guys (if not all) use mental images or look at sexual images when they masturbate; those thoughts or images stimulate the brain and cause erections and help to achieve ejaculation. This is the area probably ...

Can a 79 year old man still ejaculate

yes, maybe you need see here https://www.more.com/user/profile/203591

Can pregnancy occur if male ejaculates outside of vagina but it still

If you say, "Slightly in the Vagina" Of course it is possible to get pregnant, even if the ejaculation was not inside vagina. Those little guys (sperms) are so clever and fast they can swim to their destination. Sexuncle

When I do my Rocmike copy pastes

Didn't Rocmike post as American Patriot? American Patriot posted all day long. It posted under many aliases and had cartoons all over AOL like Rocmike does. They both have the mind of a child.