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Note that the transformer on this pole was only stored there: no were there leads connected.  As I understand it, power utilities cut off poles that have been weakened, move their salvaged components to a lower point while safely disconnected, and set new poles.

Note that this pole has been red-flagged to alert utility crews that it is to be replaced and has been rendered safe for the moment.

High-tension leads running along poles must come within no less than 37 feet from the ground, transformers must be mounted no less than 31 feet from the ground, lights and other fixtures must come no closer than 28 feet from the ground, and other lines must come no closer than 19 feet from the ground. 

Apparently this pole rotted out at the top and had been cut off preparatory to replacement. 

If you still have power, then you are feeding from another transformer.  The utility will keep all their customers advised.  In any case transformers are not designed to be stored on the bottom of the cans once they have been installed.  It is not an uncommon practice.

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