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I found these eggs in my house what animal is it??

what type animal eggs are really small like the size of my pinky finger and white and pale pink color??  2 have already hatched but the other 2 haven't.  If you try and pick up the eggs they fall apart.

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Any photos? Were they in a nest? What state are you in?

depends what state you're in and if you have a picture. but other than that im guessing a bird? just keep a close eye on them and dont touch them. figure out what the heck it is!

There was no nest.  They were in a unused bedroom I have on top of a pile of clothes.  I live in Texas and have already ruled out birds.  I am thinking some type of reptile.  I called animal control and they are coming to get the eggs, but from what i told them they think they are some type of lizard.  They are going to take them and make sure.

I live in southern california. I have seen small eggs like those you described around my home.  My boys were very curious so they didn't disturb them but kept a close eye one them.  One day they were able to see the tiny eggs hatch...BABY GECKO LIZARDS!

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