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Effects of breast reduction surgery to female reproductive system

What are the possible effects of a breast reduction surgery to the female reproductive system? Does it affect the breast sensitivity and libido?

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Initial healing takes about 6 weeks so during this time you have to avoid squishing or getting smacked in the chest or else you could risk internal bleeding. For the first six weeks I was pretty much exhausted after general visiting or exerting myself. You also have to deal with oozing wounds and keeping everything clean. I was also about a good cup size bigger after the surgery than I am now because of all the swelling. The bruising that i had was mainly from the liposuction that they did around the breasts, and to me was the most painful part of the whole thing.

After the six weeks you will still be a little tired and swollen. You will be swollen for about another six months but that will go down with time. After the my wounds started healing up I put silicon strips on them to reduce the scarring. These basically flatten the scar to be not as noticeable. There is scarring but nothing that is like 'OMG what happened?' At first the scars will look bad but over time they will become less red and raised. Mine are only slightly raised and lighter than the surrounding skin.

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