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Inheritance thru grants&gifts land patents copyrights registered land best place to apply for {safe without conflict of interest}

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What is the difference between a copyright and a patent?

A copyright is a legal protection for an original creation , such as a novel, painting, music score, etc. Copyright protection does not have to be applied for, but is automatic. Copyright protection lasts for the life of the creator and even after their death (75 years). Copyright protection is ...

When does a patent expire?

I. What is a Patent? A patent is a limited right granted by a government (all patents are limited by country) that allows the inventor to stop other people or companies from making, using or selling a specifically defined invention. In the United States, a patent term lasts for a period of twenty ...

I have got registered some international domain names, will this be

I think if international domains don't relate to the patent application, they don't need to be included.

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The best legal option is to hire a lawyer.