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What job is right for me?

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People looking for a career today have a lot more choices and options as compared to people looking for a job ten years ago.
refer to - What Career is best for me? What Career will Suit me?

This article provides some guideline answering the question that concerns many individuals – what career will best suite me?

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What do you like to do, what do you hate to do, and what can you stand to deal with?Undecided

Live life on the wild side have twins!

Finding a job in is not very hard, but it’s not very easy as
well. The job market here works very differently from other
places. So if you are aware of those differences and work
your way accordingly, you have a better chance of finding a
good job.


You have to ask yourself what your strengths and weaknesses are.  For example if you don't like dealing with people you can find clerical work, maintenance jobs, and other jobs where you really don't have to deal with people.

If you like to talk and deal with folks, then something like security, police work, assorted hospital jobs, or retail jobs might be your answer.  Take a look at jobs lists on Google or Aol by typing "job lists a-z" in the search boxes.

By the way if you want to work in retail and work your way up to a management level you may want to consider filling out a CVS application online or applying to the many other retail stores in your area.

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