Why is a higher level of education necessary in nursing ?

Why is a higher level of education necessary in nursing?

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Major advancements in medicine in terms of new drugs, medical technologies have brought nursing far beyond the bedpan stage.

Remember that nurses save lives. What could be more important?


Employers from almost every industry now prefer a higher level of education because the competition for jobs is pretty fierce. Nursing in particular is an extremely important profession; your clients are literally placing their health, well being, and often, their lives in your hands. The higher your position of responsibility, the more skilled, experienced, well-trained and qualified you will need to be. As a registered nurse, you are expected to pass the NCLEX-RN exam and have at least an Associate degree in Nursing from an accredited educational institution. However, in order to be eligible for management positions, or progress towards a career as a Nursing Administrator or Health Educator, you need at least a Bachelor's degree, or preferably a Master's degree in Healthcare. A few such examples of graduate degrees which prepare you for a higher postion in the job hierarchy are a nursing education degree, and a nursing administration degree. Its important to note that whichever nursing program you opt for must be from an accredited recognized college or all your efforts will be in vain.

Nursing field requires high specialized skills or knowledge and acquiring high eduction in nursing demonstrates that you have the skills and knowledge to practice in that field,remember its a field which revolve around life.

Also nursing  has different areas of practices one may choose from like http://www.complete-online-degree-guide.com/masters-of-science-in-nursing.html,http://www.complete-online-degree-guide.com/associate-degree-in-nursing.html depending on your level of skills.

you can start your nursing career within 2 years with an Associate's Degree. and to further your career and earnings, you can earn a Bachelor's Degree (BSN) in nursing. More about Nursing Degree >>

Nursing is a great career with a lot of potential and good earnings. More about Nursing Career>>

In order to quantify huge medical bills to fatten the CEO's bonus and reward investors companies demand excessive education so they can claim no American is qualified enabling the hiring of visa workers. Enough Said!

With the cost of healthcare rising the Nurses ought to get in bed with the patient so they feel their getting their money's worth!Cool

These days the health challenges facing the nation have shifted dramatically. The American population is older—Americans 65 and older will be nearly 20 percent of the population by 2030. In addition to shifts in the nation’s demographics, there also have been shifts in that nation’s health care needs. Therefore the nurses needed to be informed all the time. And the Qualified nurses are needed these days, they can get the nursing degree on the bases of life experience degree you can read more here about life experience degree http://www.premiumonlinedegrees.com/life-experience-accredited/. Most health care today relates to chronic conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and mental health conditions, due in part to the nation’s aging population and compounded by increasing obesity levels.

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