What are the elements of physical education?

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On entry to the usual College PE program, the Coach will assume nothing.  He will figure that most of the kids smoke, drink, do drugs, and have loads of bad habits: few will ever become athletes.


Most will pass the applicant with 20 sit-ups in one minute, one pull-up, and 38 minutes to complete a one mile jog around the track.  Pretty rudimentary.

Those who have exceptional motivation and athletic ability might qualify for an athletic scholarship.  It isn't all football.  Baseball and other sports come in also.

Few schools have any PE requirements for Veterans: they figure that our time chasing Charles is over and it is time to concentrate on academics.

Some schools have no PE requirements: MIT is one. 

Regardless, if you don't get SOME exercise, you will come out of school as a pear shape and so unmtivated that the only thing you can do is become a physics nerd.

Even light will bend to do our bidding if we apply force correctly. The lowest servant in Heaven is still in Heaven, whoever rules in hell is still in hell, but they won't rule for long. No man stands taller than when he stoops to help a little child.

the aerobic fitness
the muscular fitness
the streching and
the core stability

actually the one above this is wrong. believe me im in health.

five elements of fitness are: flexibility, endurance, muscular strength, cardio, and body composition.


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The elements of physical fitness are:

Heart / lung endurance
Muscular intensity
Muscular endurance
Joint flexibility
Structural composition

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1. Basic concepts of physical education and sports sciences. 2. Plan for extension of physical education program. 3. Organizational theory and practice in physical education. 4. Future directions and prospects in physical education. 5. The function of coach as a leader. 6. Health care organization in physical education and sports. 7. The role of quality education in physical education. 8. The kinesiology as a field of study in physical education. 9. Leisure services in physical education and sports. 10. Strength and endurance training in physical education and sports. 11. The advent of physical education with the face of work in the present world. 12. Physical education in a changing culture and society. 13. Total fitness in physical education and sports. 14. Significance of exercise in physical education. 15. Importance of health assessment among children. 16. Perspective on program development. 17. Fundamental objectives of physical education. 18. Historical foundation of physical education--a critical study. 19. Planning, and organizing policies and programmes in physical education.

Physical education involves all activities that helps build or enhance physical fitness. The programmes include developing sportmanship in students, involving them in team work, exercisesto improve health as well as fitness and games. The Sports programmes include Soccer, Baseball, Badminton, Rock climbing, Curling, Tennis, Volleyball, Martial arts, Skating, Swimming, Dance, Rock Climbing and Sking.

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