The home page of ASU is is the Human Resources page. It shows  Kevin Salcido, as the  Associate VP/Chief Human Resources Officer . Any questions? Call  Employee Services @ 480.965.2701.

Faculty Services @480.727.9900

Or, click the link to "Ask hr". When I typed in Aramark human resources manager in the search line, it opened up to listing 30 pages total of other links.

  I don't know why the first answer came up with "job security, so his/her phone was unlisted." EVERY college, regardless of size (and I went to a fairly small one in southeast Nebraska), has some sort of telephone directory listing the numbers of the Dean clear down to the janitors. If all else fails, call the university's main switchboard and ask for what in particular you are looking for. A human resources department on a college campus is the same, or as close as it can get, to a state or county-level Human Services Department.


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