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What are the procedures for terminating a teacher?

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Thanks to teacher unions and organizations, it's become pretty difficult to fire a teacher.  If the offence happens early enough in the year, a principal can include it on the teachers yearly evaluation and reccomend to the schools superintendant that the teacher's contract not be renued for the next year.

 Also, a committee can revue the offence, and reccomend to the board that the teacher's contract be terminated immediately, but, the district's lawyers have to be involved to make sure that the district won't be held liable for wrongful termination.

Of course, the Superintendant can always reassign an employee with the result being that the employee resigns and finds another job.

Depends on the country and school district.  In the U.S.  it is quite difficult due to the strength of the teachers' unions,  If you are a parent, why not seek to move your child to another class?  If you are a school administrator you probably know the answer to this question. As a liberal politically I believe in supporting good laws that allow and well-regulate the option of starting schools and recruiting teachers, administrators and students, based on the strength of the school

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I have one thing to say:  DOCUMENTATION.  Provided enough documentation, a decision can be made my Human Resources/Personnel.  Witnesses are good too, but I don't think that leads to a conducive work environment.

I agree with Meeko. Documentation is key (as it is with expelling a student). Also If a teacher works in a Charter school, there is little chance that they are part of a union. Charter school teachers are usually retained based on merit and need.

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