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Edenpure vs iheater

Where are eden pure heaters manufactured, and how do they compare to "iHeater' models?

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I checked on the difference betweeen iheater and edenpure and had answers from both.

iHeater looks like a copy cat of edenpure and claims it has some things better internally, which I couldn't really know if what they said is correct. They are offering a model which is $100 cheaper than the eden pure model of comparison( a temporary special they said) . I have an Edenpure and am very satisfied with it. It produces clean, pure heat at a reasonable cost. With oil prices being so high in Alaska, it has really cut the cost of purchasing stove oil at over $6 a gallon. I was wondering if anyone has tried the iheater and how it works for them. (IH1000) I will be glad to share my experiences with my Gen3 Eden Pure XL1000.

My inlaws purchased the 1500 model iheater and were raving about it being so great they haven't turned on their furnace yet this year.  By comparison with the same weather, I have had my furnace on for nearly 2 months.  They hadn't received an electricity bill yet, so I don't know about those benifits.  I assume frednak is finding the savings to be substantial, and hope the inlaws can confirm.  I plan on purchasing one after the 1st of the new year.

I purshased the 1500 iheater. a few days ago,However it was broken when I received it. I am sending it back. It does run, But the outside of the heater is busted. I was wondering on the Edenpure heaters with the diferent fan speeds. When you change the fan form low,med or high does the fan speed increase or decrease. it doesn't on the iheater. and they told me it wasn't suppose too. that doesn't sound right too me.

I  purchased iheater 1000  its  puts out very little heat. wont heat 10x13 room

My Eden Pure XL1000 has cut my fuel costs by about 3x compared to last year without the Eden Pure heater (at close to $6 per gallon for heating fuel this is a substantial savings, about $600 per month) My electric bill increased about 5%, I noticed when it is turned up to full power my electric meter speeds up, but when I use it at about half power it is more effecient and still produces good heat..even if it might increase my electric bill a little it is still a money saver, Still a $540 per month savings. 

Our temperatures vary from 30 degreee F to -30 degrees F, right now it is 8 degrees F here and my home is toasty warm.

I am very glad I got the heater. I heat about 1400 square feet in my home.

I have a iHeater and it puts out a lot of heat.  I have compared to the Eden Pure (as my brother has one).  The iHeater seems to put out more heat and at less energy costs.  We had a meter on both, the Eden Pure uses more amps and watts then ith iHeater.   

Great question!  My store just started carrying both brands, but before we placed any orders we compaired & contrasted them both.  From what I can tell, they both will work, (you can't go wrong making this purchase decision!) however IHeater seems to have taken a step forward in technology.  The EdenPure uses light bulbs similar to a Halogen work light which get very hot.  They are positioned to shine on copper coils.  The coils act as a heat exchanger when air is forced through them.  Pretty simple really, however as with any bulb you have to replace them periodically (manual says every 5,000 hours). 

The iHeater has a similar copper heat exchanger, but it uses a "PTC Quartz Titanium Oxide coated metal element" to generate infared waves to get the copper warm.  (very similar to the technology that is used in infared saunas)  The upside is that it is rated to last 20,000 hours and is much less fragile.  There are a bunch of other claims on their website, but I cannot tell if they are true or bogus. 

Both brands are imports and as of yet I have been unable to determine from what country.  One other item of note: based on my reading, Edenpure might have the edge in manufacturing consistancy.  I have read reports of iHeaters suffering from cracked faceplates or bad fans upon delivery.  I suppose that is to be expected when you gamble on the cheaper product and they might not be widespread occurances, but I will keep watching to see if it becomes a pattern. 

Hope this helps! - Brad @ Elite Pool & Spas, Michigan


Although this site is run by an Iheater distributor, it provides some helpful comparison information.

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