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What is the most important determinant of price elasticity of demand? Why is this so?

What is the most important determinant of price elasticity of demand?  Why is this so?

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supply.  it's natural law I guess, like gravity, only for economics

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From my point of view, the number of substitute goods is likely the most important determinant of price elasticity of demand.

Why?-Because the more substitute goods the suppliers provide, the easier the consumers will change their tastes from one to another when there is an increase (even slight) in the price of a product.

Since I understand the definition of price of elastic of demand as simple as possible which means a measurement helps us to see how the demand for a product responds to a price change. Therefore, the consumers will responds "actively" to price changes of goods if there are enough substitute goods provided on the market.

I'm looking forward to hearing from the others about this problem.

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