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How can I determin when I can expect my economic stimus funds and the amount?

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The IRS has all the information here at their official site. Plus a calculator to figure the amount.

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Individual: 600 dollars ... couple: 1200 .. each child >> 300 ... that's my understanding ... and, if you are an electronic deposit SS recipient and/or electronic IRS client ... you will receive the check within the next six business days ... +/- two days, depending on your SS # ... if you are a US Mail client ... with SS and/or IRS .. your check will be about an additional five days away ... so, less than two weeks, in any event ... and, you can donate it to the nearest ""Impeach Cheney / Bush"" organization ... for the most effective good for you and your country.

When will i get the stimus refund check? Ss# last 2) numbers 79

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