what are the pros and cons of ecommerce?

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pros are it Provides comparison travel time and cost etc.,and cons are delays goods,many goods cannot purchased online etc.,

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Ecommerce is a feature-rich internet business solution providing comprehensive flexibility and control over the look, material, as well as of an online store. It is the most impressive and unequalled no cost e-commerce base that can be customized as per your business-specific needs.

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Pros and cons about ecommerce may refer to online vs offline business. The basic objective of ecommerce is to make traditional commerce become easier, so if you are asking about the cons, there is no real significant cons about ecommerce, some basic cons about ecommerce are people can't see the product directly, and have some risk as it's using electronic payments.

pros are both seller and buyer have flexible time to sell/buy thing and can done anywhere, anytime without limitation, seller can have advantage to cut the store cost, marketing cost, etc. 

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Ecommerce is the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet. It involves Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), E-Mail, Electronic Bulletin Boards and Electronic Funds Transfer. It consists of two categories of commerce, which is called Business to Consumer commerce and Business to Business commerce.  So, You can buy or sell at the comfort of your home through eCommerce. There are many advantages of eCommerce among the very few disadvantages.

 The pros of eCommerce are,

·         Low cost- There are hardly any overhead costs when you are selling online. You can generate as many as customers while having minimum costs.

·         Speed- eCommerce is the fastest. With a click of a button you can buy or sell within minutes unlike the time you need to spend to buy something from a retail store.

·         Its universal- E commerce is a global facility, where you are able to but or sell anything any where in the world at the price you prefer.

The Cons of eCommerce are,

·         Competitiveness- Since there are online stores all over the world there can be competitors in the same field.  However, you can over come this if proper decisions are made. You can also hire the services of experts at this situation. Since you are able to pay them through your credit card, you are provided with a buy-now-pay later facility.

·         Not permanent- E commerce is something changes constantly. Something available on the net today cannot be even searchable tomorrow. You need to be able to deal with legit sites considering their reviews, testimonials or how long they have been in the industry before you make any dealings.


Advantages of ecommerce : 1. Overcome Regional Limitations: If you have a actual shop, you are limited by the geographical area that you can service. With an e-commerce web page, the whole globe is your play area.

2. Gain New Clients With Look for Engine Visibility: Physical retail store is motivated by marketing and relationships. In addition to these two drivers, on the internet retail store is also motivated by traffic from google.

3. Lower Costs: One of the most concrete advantages of e-commerce is the reduced price. A part of these reduced expenses could be passed on to customers by means of great offers.

Disadvantages of e-commerce :

1. E-commerce Does not have That Individual Touch: Not that all actual suppliers have your own strategy, but I do know of several suppliers who value individual connection.

2. E-commerce Setbacks Goods: Unless you are using a website to merely order a pizzas on the internet, ecommerce sites provide take a lot more time to get the products into your arms.

3. Many Goods Cannot Be Bought Online: Despite its many benefits, there are products that you cannot buy on the internet. Most of these would be in the groups of "perishable" or "odd-sized."

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Ecommerce is the most popular business nowdays, it is because people love to shop online as compare to go in the store & buy something. But, still there are few advantages & disadvantages of ecommerce.


  • To save time of buyers as well as purchasers.
  • Easily use social media & all promoting site to share your products & hence attract more customers toward businesses.
  • Easily update your customers & inform them about your new products & new deals.
  • Few number of employees needed.


  • Can't interact with your customers & seller face to face.


Advantages of eCommerce: No standing in queues or being placed on hold forever. Access to stores located remotely No need to build a physical store. Lots of varieties. Disadvantages of eCommerce: Lack of personal touch Inability to experience the touch before purchase Need for an internet access device and connection
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Ecommerce is the way of doing the online business via internet.But there are advantages and disadvantages of ecommerce,the common advantages of the ecommerce that we all know are like saving time,easy transaction,online meetings,transportation,products available in a very low cost and provide comparison shoping,through ecommerce we can enable deals,bargains,group buying,any time opened you can buy and sell the things in the time you want. The disadvantages of the ecommerce are there are many types of goods that we can't purchase online,in ecommerce we can't experience the product before purchasing it,any individual can setup an ecommerce business,security is less.
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Ecommerce is the way of doing the online business via internet.But there are advantages and disadvantages of ecommerce,the common advantages of the ecommerce that we all know are like saving time,easy transaction,online meetings,transportation,products available in a very low cost and provide ...

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