Eating Directly After a Workout - Good or Bad?

I recently began working out in the gym again.  Is it ok to eat breakfast when I come home from the gym or better to wait?  For instance, this morning I was so hungry, I couldn't wait until I got to the office, so I had a bowl of cereal.  Ok?  Or, does this interrupt the 1 1/2 hours I just put in at the gym?

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Before going to the gym having a piece of fruit is good.  Your metabolism will be working long after the workout...Have some toast with peanut butter or healthy cereal with low fat milk...

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Yes you should eat right after your workout.  Your body needs the fuel to repair your muscles!

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Ideally, you should eat something about an hour before your workout, and then another small meal immediately following it.

Your pre-workout meal should consist of a complex carbohydrate and a little protein. So an apple or some oatmeal with natural peanut butter (or whole grain cereal with skim milk) makes a good pre-workout snack.

Immediately after training (and this is especially important if you are doing weight or resistance training) you'll want to consume some protein. Combining that protein with a faster digesting carbohydrate (like a Rice Chex) can help with with muscle recovery. A whey protein shake with some skim milk is ideal.

You can get more details about timing meals around workouts here:

Best of luck!

Take a for a while after finishing your heavy workout in a fitness center .  When you feel your body is now at ease then, you can eat light to heavy foods or snacks.

I think you need to rest for about an hour after you work out because when you eat heavy after your workout. Your stomach will turn upside down or your gonna feel having a revolution in your stomach.

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