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What to eat if you have salmonella?

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The medication your doctor prescribes for you, and what ever else is recommended by your doctor.

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NOTHING! It will exit as fast as you eat it!! Follow Hodag's advice, he's not joking.

Life is one big roller coaster ride. Enjoy the highs, and forget the lows. You only get ONE ride.

Nothing! It will exit as fast as you eat it! Take Hodag's advice, and follow your doctor's orders.

Life is one big roller coaster ride. Enjoy the highs, and forget the lows. You only get ONE ride.

You should follow the diet recommended by your doctor along with the medication. Salmonella is a type of bacteria that normally lives on the shell of the eggs, poultry, vegetables. Make sure, you should wash the raw food products thoroughly before cooking.

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It is best if you will consult your doctor or nutritionist about that concerned. They are the best people who can answer that question.


Anonymous,  If you have salmonella, you won't want to eat anything.  So don't worry about finding something you can eat, as you won't be able to eat.  I know, as I had salmonella some years back.  It definately is not a picnic in the park.

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You can eat anything as long as the food is cooked well and make sure you wash your hands before eating.

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