Easiest way to convert back Internet explorer ver 7 . from I.E ver 8 . pc has win xp. and is it safe?

What is the easiest way to reverse Internet explorer ver 8 back to I.E ver 7. ? I have win xp home eedition. I noticed some of my normal programs acting up. so I am considering perhaps OI should go back to I.E ver 7 . But will only do if easy to do to go back from Ie 8 back to I.E.7. And that is only if I am pretty sure that problems because are by the I.E. 8. . I been told 2 different versions by techs, one is I.E. 8 is working fine with my win xp . it is the various programs and or software acting up. Another tech says he thinks my intermitten problems are caused by I.E.8 because he has had problems iwth his I.E. 8 which does not mean because he had problems that means my i.e.8 is the problems. In any case I like to know what is the easiest way to convert back from i.e.8 back to i.e.7 if I have to. I have win xp media home edition. Thank you.

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first how long ago did you upgrade

if it was only a month ago you could run system restore found in your accessories / system tools

but i would down load IE7 and save to desk top

then uninstall IE8 and after go into search and type IE and delete all files being careful not to delete the IE7 download

then reinstall IE7 and you should be ok

however i dont use IE although i have it i always use firefox its free and its faster so you could always download that and install that first

let me know how you get on ORAC60

If you try and go back, it will only update once again. I had so much trouble with my p.c. after 8 came in that I just changed over to Mozilla. And wha la...no more troubles!!!!

Previous answers are good.

But in case you insist on using IE, switcing back to IE7 is simple: Uninstall IE8, then reinstall IE7. Unless your system has been corrupted, this should go along fine.

My opinion on the problems you're having, I agree with the 1st technician. IE8 should be fine long as the system is not corrupted.

More resources: Computer Security Software and Download Antivirus .

To rollback from IE8 to IE7 simply go to control panel, then add/remove programs and then uninstall Windows Internet Explorer 8, and it will promt for Windows restart, after that you will have previous IE installed as current, is it IE7 or IE6.

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