Ears turn red and burn with no apparent cause

Does anyone out there know what causes your ears to turn red, and burn all by themselves without cause?


This happens to my daughter sometimes....all of a sudden her ears will turn beet red, and they get really hot....she's not blushing, no physical or emotion stuff going on, just suddenly her ears turn beet red, and they get really hot! Blood pressure related????
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my son has the same problem.  we were coming home today and it happened in the car.  the other night it happened after he went to bed.  it is very uncomfortable and happens for no apparent reason.  i can find no triger.

There are a number of reasons for blushing or flushing of the skin.  Examination by a dosctor is the only way to tell which reason it may be.  It could be normal.  It could be a social anxiety with an unrecognizable trigger.  It could the very beginning of Rosacea.  It could be a thyroid problem.  It could be a symtpom of some disease.  Undoubtedly a doctor could come up with more things it could be.  They are the only ones who can test and really see what is causing it.

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That happens to me too all the time. I'm in middle school and usually around the end of the day (8th hour) my ears get hot and turn red. It's super embarrassing and I can't control it! I asked my brother what was wrong and he didn't exactly know but he said just don't put ice on it or something cause that will just make it even more hot. I have learned NOT to think about it or it won't go away. I still don't think it's because of my emotions or anything though. It happens randomly. Sorry, I don't know what causes it or how to fix it. But I wish you the best of luck!!!! Tongue out

Intersting to read all your questions and answers.  My nine year old son suffers from the same symptons.  At first i thought he was just over exagerrating but then now I know how much this bothers him.  Plan to make him a dr's appointment soon. At any given time his ears turn red, could be only one or both.  And the are burning, just the outside of the ear.  Not in the ear canal, the outside of the ear.  I hope it doesnt take ver long for them to give us a answer, or help for this.



hi my son is 7 yrs old, and has always had long hair he recently had it cut short, and since then he has suffered with bright red ears that burn and itch and it also tends to go up the side of his face in raised lumps it is very painfull, but only it only tends to happen at the end of the day 6 o'clockish the doctor id baffled and doesnt know what it sould be and give him pain killers and and steroid cream, does any one know what it could be.

I am 42 years old.  This ear burning has happened to me as long as I can remember.  Some people think it may just be the bodies way of getting rid of heat.  No one seems to know.  I now have a 10 year old nephew to whom the same thing happens.  Must be passed down from my Mother's side of the family.  I know it can be uncomfortable.  I have taken to sticking my head in the freezer for minutes at a time trying to find relief.  Nothing works, not ice packs, nothing.  You just have to wait for it to pass.  No big deal.  There are worse things a person could have.

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