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Can you earn money while on workers compensation?

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You can if your willing to give up the comp. (once you return to work then your problem is cured) Only a doctor can release you from workman's comp. He keeps you on his list because he doesn't want to be sued because he released you too soon .. If you volunteerily return to work (anywhere) his responsibility is released and workman's comp will cease.

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You are able to if your prepared to provide up the comp. (as soon as you return to function then your difficulty is cured) Only a doctor can release you from workman's comp. He keeps you on his list simply because he does not desire to be sued simply because he released you as well quickly. If you voluntarily return to function (anywhere) his responsibility is released and workman's comp will cease.

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yes, just be prepared to provide the compensation like what Margaret explained

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Well, why don't you call your insurance agent and ask them? I think this is really a good question. Anyway, another idea is to contact your HR rep.

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