Ear parasites

Someone posted a question about ear parasites a little while back.  About a feeling of something moving not in the canal but like underthe skin.  There is no ringing and doesn't hurt, but it is quite annoying.  Was ondering if you ever did find out what the problem was.  Think I may have same problem.  Please help!!

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You might want to have your ears cleaned, because sometimes loose pieces of ear wax can get lose, and the sensation is very uncomfortable.

Go see a professional either way.

Had that done already and still having the same problem.  Have to go back to physician, but was wondering if anyone has ever experienced this and it not being an earwax problem?

Dear "Please Help,"

I have dealt with this problem over the last 12 years and am mostly self taught. I have indured the full range of this pest from the creepy crawly sensation to full systemic infestation. I have found that if you use a sinus rinse; purchased at any pharmacy, it will stave off many of the bad effects of the parasite. Those being acid reflux;sinus, throat, ear, and lung infections that are generated by the drainage of the parasites wastes. If left untreated the extended results are those mentioned above, plus digestive ailments and fungus growth exhibited in athletes foot, and nail degeneration. Worse case could include death as the immune system is dumbed down. This parasite thrives on the proteins in red meat; and are most active near the full moon; as is common for parasites. We need to challenge the medical field to find a quick solution to this intruder. I personally believe this is a wide spread problem and is only dealt with by symptom covering solutions. I would agree with you and say: Please help me!   I do use clarkia in an attempt to kill this un-named intruder. Let's work at finding a cure to this unwelcome intruder.

Happy hunting 

I have very exciting news for you. I had the dreded ear parasite and removed them guy feeling ears whith proxide for two minutes and rubbing alcohol for two mintes. repeat this procedure and I promis they will run for cover. The tricky part is catching them. If you continue this procedure eventually they will give up. One thing I noticed that they will stop feeding and moving around. I set very still whille one pulled his I suppose tail end for two hours which all around my head. It's very important you stay very still because they are easly spooked. I had them to come out on my earlob three night in a row and the fourth I experience the twlight zone as he pulled what ever for two hours. Everything came from all around my head. I hope this helps


i think i may be experiencing the same thing.and its maddening because doctors have looked in my ear and said they see nothing,though i know i am not imagining the crawling sensation.if you find out something,please let me know.


I've had that same feeling myself and to my relief bought a natural sinus rinse called xlear that seemed to clear up the problem! it's sold in health food stores and is made with xylitol and works wonderful.  It gets rid of congestion and takes out the bad bacteria with it!  Also, try a grapefruit seed extract or a citrus seed extract (10 to 15 drops per day), it's known to kill a lot of things, i.e., bacterias and viruses.  It's amazing.  Read about it and see if it kills parasites!  Wisdom of the Ages makes a great product called citrus seed extract!  It works!  I would also do a colon cleanse...one of the best things I've ever done!  The best book I ever read was called "Lessons from the Miracle Doctors"  by Jon Barron.  I read it because it deals with ridding yourself of disease, but remember that it talks a lot about parasites.  Also, go to jonbarron.org or mercola.com, which offers so much information on just about any ailment.  They both have articles on parasites!  You will be able to find just about anything there, and they offer probably the best advice of any website I've ever come across!

Hope this helps!



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