So i drunk texted my bf this :( im so afraid. At 4 am is he gonna be mad? Its all messed up spelling

Is it gonna hurt his feelings?? Im sorry for grammar i was drunk:( Plz dont make fun that was unintentionally plz help me i'm really afraid of what he will think! This message was because we barely talked for a few days and short replies no calls Im not a clingy type if he dont text i try not to either i give him FULL space But i'm afraid this text will mess my life. Or is it not to bad..........................................Text=>............... U meaniy wfell asleep on me:: its ok sleep head Bbay. I kno everything is fine but somthong feels weird lol idk id i dont want us to grow aparrt i Hope its just my thinkinh and nothing really is wrong: I dnt want it to be like my last one. That **** is painfulll lol :[ I know that was a long relationship but u know wat i still never fel as close to anyone as u probable its onliy my feelings cuz i lost it to u :p and that just make a girl fell like that the guy she gad sex with. Is the only one. Lol thats wat i started to thonk like your alll an allll am i being stupid? or is tht fine if i think tha lol i knw i shouldnt say that idk but something made me fall in love with u soo much in just 4 moment lol that i get afrad sometimes i might lose you cuz there might be others who are muc much beter. An. i hopw ur feiends who are girls better know ur TAKEN cuz thwy'll kepp on flirting woth u lik jake and tuler lol i wont like that id be real jeallus god dod i jyst say that cuz im not even a jealos type i nevr get jeakoys swear. They do know abut us rught babe? im sorry its just my feeling. Feeling of losing u just like i did b4 that i cant get a hold of jus yet just yet and i hope it goes away by time loll cuz ur diffrent beter than all .. I'm not tring to be clingy not at all but just askng u for one littl thing if u feel anything for someone else ever, just let me know i dont wanna get my heart broken allll over again Lol it will be so funny if i do i wouldnt want us to get distant i do not wanna lose u never promist:p but wouldnt want to kepp you frm being hapoy eithr Ofcorse I had hAd to say lol ben on my weord mind forever Really tired took me ages to write my phone :(Godnighr my frend Im so so sry u have to read thru this. Lolsry

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And what might he be angry at?

A text that you wrote when you were drunk


The fact that you got drunk enuf to take that action?

If it is the first, you need to loose the worthless b*.

If it is the second, consider changing your ways and ask for his forgivenness.

I wish you well. May you grow up reasonably unscathed.

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Most of us learn from our own experience.

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The only problem I can see is that it implies a more serious commitment than a young man his age is probably ready for. I am happy for you that your first time was a pleasant one. Believe me, for a lot of girls, that isn't true. If I were you, I'd wait and see what his response is and, you know, drinkin ain't the wisest life choice in the world. I'm just sayin.

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