If i smoked a joint yesterday and today and i have a urine drug test to take tomorrow will it show up in my system?

If i smoked a joint yesterday and today and i have a urine drug test to take tomorrow will it show up in my system?

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I believe you will test positive, yes.

Like TWM, I cannot fathom why you would do such a thing if you were aware you were to be tested soon.

Is this for a job? Or a court case? Regardless of why you are being tested, do you perhaps unconsciously want to sabotage yourself?

Maybe you should consider getting off the drugs - just a thought! 

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There are a couple of factors involved. But basically some of it depends on your fat cells, seems much of the THC stores itself there.  So the more you have the longer it will stay in your system. By the way, there is a product you can try if you think your not one who has alot of fat, 'Certo Pectin' mixed with water might take care of it.  My ex used it all the time when time for drug testing at work.

You have a .025% chance of passing. Mostly it depends on your body and how much you have used over the past several months. It also depends on the type of test and the tolerance level (if any) that is allowed. Most people pass a urine test after 30 days of not using. I have seen people pass after one day and people still fail after 3 months. Generally speaking a hair test can show positive for about a year. More invasive testing cn be even longer. I hope that failing the test does not hurt people who care about you. I also hope that using pot does not effect you achieving your life goals.  

Yes, most definitely. In fact, marijuana is one of the few drugs that stays in the system for as long as 6 weeks! In my case, way back in 1986, I was smoking a half a joint before bed pretty much every night. I never smoked more than that on any one day. Anyway, back then, the whole drug test thing was not quite a "universal" practice and I had just got hired by a company as a long haul trucker. I was making a career change from being a machinist for a good many years and had never been drug tested when I would 'job-hop' in that field. But the trucking industry was under federal law and had recently placed a mandatory drug test law in place. I had smoked my half joint a couple of days before I took the drug screen for the new trucking job and, not realizing the traits of grass in the system, thought that laying off smoking it for a couple of nights would have been good enough. Well I took the screen and was told to get my gear and be ready to leave with a load 2 days later. That day came and I climb in the truck, installed my CB and was backing up under a 63 footer when my 'new' boss came running up to the door and signaled me to shut off the truck. It turned out that he had just received the drug screen test results and I failed miserably. Now here's where the 'science comes in. He, (my new boss), and I knew each other from a previous job so he told me that if he turned in the results, it would follow me around and I'd have a hard time getting work trucking. He said that I would have to pay for the drug screens myself, and keep taking them until I was clean. I took one screen every week for 6 weeks at $65.00 per test, (1985 money). It wasn't until 6 and half weeks that I finally past this 'witch hunting' test. I was told by the testing doctor that my urine showed positive on that 6th week test but that it was a very low count and he believed that if I drank a lot of water, (no juices), for a few days that I should be able to clear the test in another 3 or 4 days. So that's what I did and it worked out. Now here's the good news, I'm a job hopper and a few years later I had to do another drug screen for another trucking outfit. And I had been smoking a half of a joint every night as usual. But this time I went to a local "Head Shop" and bought something called "Zydot", (I think that was the name, but there are many kinds so just ask the guy in the shop for some guidance). I stopped smoking about 2 days before the 'piss test' and followed the directions on the package TO THE LETTER! This is very important! (Don't do it 'your way' because I did that the next time a year or so later and failed). Anyway, I passed the test with flying colors. As I said, I'm a job hopper so I used this stuff at least 4 times, (it cost almost $50.00 a box), and only failed once. That was the time that I did it 'my way'. In closing, I'd like to say that I think that the laws which criminalize marijuana are ludicrous at best and will one day be looked upon by most people with the same horror that we look upon the 1600, (17th century), witch hunting/burning/hangings that those ignorant and corrupted law makers carried out. The general public was as much to blame for being so gullible. That said, I personally do not promote, condone, or in any way approve of the use of drugs to any degree. I'm a recovering heroin addict, (clean since 1999), as well as crack, speed, cocaine, to name just a few. My wife and I both met in rehab and she proved it to me that the worse drug out there, hands down, is alcohol! She has been relapsing pretty much for the last 6 years and turns my life into a living hell. She doesn't go anywhere; she just gets home from work and sneaks in a bottle of 'DR Tetches' mouth wash. The stuff has more alcohol in it percentage wise than I think everything else out there except Everset! Anyway all that is another story and if you skipped most of my long answers, the 'in a nutshell' answer to your question is YES, it will show up in the screen for up to 6 weeks from the last time you smoked, (give or take).

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yes marijuana stays in your system at least for thirty days or more depending on how much a person consumes on a daily basis, the best cure I found for it so it can't be detected is to "eat" one whole head of garlic, if you cut it up into little pieces to chew on it, it won't taste that bad going down, and lots and lots of water with it to wash and flush your system out, at least one to two days before you go to get tested, it works but to smoke the day before or on the day you have an interview is pure suicide, why would you do a fool thing like that, Im sorry to say, but you must of not needed that job that badly. The more water you drink the more you will urinate, and the more you urinate, the cleaner your system is getting.....

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