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Sorry - there is no evidence that this is true although there are plenty of stories around suggesting that it is.

You can read more about apple cider vinegar and drug tests here

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No, there is no way that drinking vinegar can have any effect on previously-ingested substances which may show up in urine.

Vinegar doesn't help. There are many products out there to detox your body. It really depends when your urine test is. If you have time until the test drink lots of water and exercise if not you better buy one of the detox formulas.

does drinking herbal tea help pass a drug test for heroin?

It can dilute your system if you drink enough. but it is very tough to hold down. apple cider vinegar is the best, and depending on the type of urine test, a in the cup and they look at the bars, yes you will pass, but if it gets sent to a lab, it will show up dilluted and you will have to retake it so it just buys you time...

YES....vinegar does help you to pass the drug test....stay clean 1WK before the test and drink vinegar everyday and plenty of water and should clean your system out very quickly..but make sure you do stay clesn a WK before the test b/c that would help alot...if the vinegar didnt help you then you have to much THC or something else in your system that is going to take along time to clear your system..basically vinegar is for clearing marijuana out of your system but it can also help other drugs too.

The consensus from each website that I have visited suggests that you:  WASH YOURSELF OUT: The general strategy for passing urine tests is to increase your fluid intake and urine flow so as to dilute the concentration of drugs in the sample below the threshold of detection. An hour or two before the test, you should fill your bladder with fluids - as much as you can drink. Water is fine - contrary to popular rumor, there is NO evidence that goldenseal, vinegar, niacin, or vitamin C help. However, high-dosage aspirin may reduce the sensitivity of the EMIT urine test for pot (only).  For further reading of this article:  http://www.ganjabus.com/2006/04/i-need-tips-on-how-to-pass-marijuana.html I agree with Jacoba.  By George, if I were you, I'd drink gallons of water before the actual test and then use an at home test to weigh the outcome.

 Also, click the links below to see what others say about the use of water and the following tests:

Urine Drug Test

Hair Drug Test

Saliva Drug Test

Blood Drug Test

What ever method you choose to beat a test, I suggest you follow up with an at home drug test before you take the actual test inorder to determine if any presence of identifying agents remain present in your urine. A picture and a link to a home drug test can be found below. 


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