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Can a drug test tell how many percocet i take a day

can a lab drug test tell a doctor how many percocet you take a day i am persciribed them but dont always need the 8aday sometimes i go 2-3days without them i dont want them getting taken away but if i get a drug test on a day i havent had to take them in a day or two will it just show thier in my system or can it show how many i take

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Harlee, You are allowed to have prescription drugs in your system and still pass a drug test.  You just show the person doing the test that they are legitimately prescribed for you, and all will be well. 

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fyi you need to have so much in your system if the pain mang. dr sends you to have a test if you dont  have some  in your system you could be taken off them , doesnt mean that you have to have the full prescription strength in your system really they want to know if you are taking abusing them or selling them they can also call you in for a pill count , witch you wou,ld have too many and that would be ok .if you had a test and didnt have any in your system you need to explain why to the dr. and he/she may still want a pill count .

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