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Why does tramadol make you itchy but not darvacets ...

why does tramadol make you itchy but not darvacets?what is the common drug in lortab and ultram but isnt in darvacet? see when i take ultram or lortabs i get very very itchy but when i take dravacets my pain subsides a little but i get no itching.im tryint to figure out what is in these drugs that i may be allergic to.any clue?

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Lortabs are synthethic codiene.  Darvacets have Darvon.  Codiene always makes me itch.  They also make me want to throw up.  Davacets have tylenol in them to so don't drink.  Loracets are codiene and tylenol. If you drink with tylenol it could kill your liver and you.

thank you for your reply.altho you may be right not sure. he only thing that says no to me about the codeine is that i have had cough syrup with codeine and i didn't become itchy so idk.im jut looking for answers ty

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