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Can I take Levaquin(antibiotic), Robitussin MD and Tylenol together? I have a bad head ache.

Can I take Levaquin(antibiotic), Robitussin MD and Tylenol together?  I have a bad head ache.

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Never, ever, take any medicine without doctor approval - it could save your life.  I had a reaction to Levaquin.  My body paralyzed.  I couldn't move.  My body just shut down.  I couldn't breath or speak.  My roommate put my cat in my lap and I couldn't get her attention.  I tried to make a sound, at that point, any sound.  I tried to turn my head, but I could do nothing.  Finally, it felt like things were just "turning back on," and I was able to breath, then move my hands, etc.  I thought I was going to be dead meat.  Also, when doctors ask you if you drink or smoke, etc., they are not passing judgement, they are choosing drugs that shouldn't interact with alcohol or tobaco.  If you have a bad headache, put ice on your head and put your feet in hot water (that you can stand).  Sounds crazy, but works.

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