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Call the Department of Motor Vehicles of the state from which you want a license and ask them. Be sure you don't mention your name. All you may have to do is to start from the beginning and take a driving test. To be honest since your license was revoked it might be better for the citizens of the state that you don't drive at all.

Michael,  my late husband had his license perm revoked from NC.  We happened to move to California...As of a couple of yrs ago they do not cross records with all states.



I got your reply to a question I posted regarding suspended license in Florida. I  have a DUI case pending now. It'd be my 3rd if ends up being a DUI conviction. The case will not likely be  settled until after the  new  year but I  started doing some research. I learned about the DLC driver license compact and the NRVC. As you mentioned in your reply, there are a few states that do not belong to either. I intend to look into them as possibilities. I found a lawyer in Colorado who can assist you with obtaining a Colorado driver license. You have to have not driven for a year from the date the suspension started. Florida DUI laws are draconian. Colorado will give you a hardship license after a year, and  a full license after 5 years on a 3rd or 4th DUI. Florida holds you hostage for 10  years on a 3rd DUI and revokes you for life on a 4th.  With a Colorado licennse  you are good  in 49  states, just not in Florida which suits me  fine as I have no ties to Florida. Here is an excerpt on the subject from the ABA:

State A suspended/revoked my driver's license, but I have a valid license in State B. Can I drive in State A?

Consult your lawyer if you find yourself in this situation. Under the law of some states, a valid driver's license from another jurisdiction does not enable you to drive on the highways of a state that has cancelled, suspended, or revoked your license. However, other states have held that a license properly issued by a foreign state under the Driver's License Compact ends the suspension or revocation of a motorist's original license.
American Bar Association Family Legal Guide
Copyright © 2004 American Bar Association

I don't know if  this  would also  hold true for a license from a foreign country with international driving staus. I imagine having an American license from another  state holds more validity.


Here is a lawyers website who  can  assist in obtaining a license in Colorado.




I will contact other DUI attorneys in states not party to the DLC or NRVC to find out if they too might have a similar capability.


Keep in touch and  let me know what you find out. I'll do the same.


Good Luck,


Doug M.




After 4 DUIs I certainly hope you do not obtain a driver's license in any state, province, or nation, for the sake of innocent other drivers.

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