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Does drinking a lot of water affect drug and urine test results?

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I expect it would help to flush things out of your body faster Cool

What is truth -

If you think it'll mask the results enough to pass, you may be sorry. Testing facilities are on to all the various 'tricks' people use, you know.

Why don't you just stop using? Then your tests will come back clean!

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I asked my dr if the amount of urine affects the results of urinalysis tests and he said no. I don't understand it, but he must know more than me.

I figure there must be a way that they compensate for the amount of dilution.

I'll bet someone on yedda can explain it.

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It makes no different. remember, you still have remnants of the drug in your blood, fat cells and your hair. The are many products out there that promise to help you in this desperate situation, but I am sure most of them are scams. Check on the Internet but be very careful.

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