Drinking 24hrs later tingling/numbness

when i drink alcohol, about 24hrs after i stopped drinking, i get a tingling sensation over my body, same as when your foot falls asleep. its usually in my hands and head. sometimes it seems my lips are numb. or paralyzed. i can feel if i touch them, but they dont look the same, and they seem to have difficulty making expressions. i also get the tingling in my chest and neck. it really worries me, but since i have had it many times now and im still okay, i have not seeked a doctor about it. (i have no insurance). does anyone know what this could be? and yes i already know some of you will simply say "dont drink". i still want to know what it is an why

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It might be that your body is having some sort of allergic reaction to alcohol, or there might be a certain type of alcohol that your body doesn't like.  It's hard to know.  Do you always drink the same thing?  I would recommend that you get some insurance for yourself, somehow.  It's very important to take care of your health, and you never know if something serious could happen with your health and not having insurance is incredibly dangerous.  I would recommend that you ask a doctor at some point what this is or what he/she thinks.  Good luck.

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I am not an expert but it sounds like you have a blood circulation problem that is triggered by alcohol.  Numbness when you feet go to sleep is because the blood does not reach them and they do not get enough oxygen.  It could be that the alcohol is preventing oxygen to get to your body, hence the numb feeling you get.  You need to find a free clinic and have them look at you as right now you are lucky nothing has happened but it could be very serious.

good luck.

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Over the past month I've also had similar feelings but for me it's pretty much starts even after 1 drink but I get pressure on my chest and tingling in legs and arms. I've recently been to a Doctor and was sent for an ECG but all fine, I'm waiting for my blood results and am having an MRI scan next week to check my nerves in the spine. Just wondering if you had any answers? I'll send another reply once my tests are over... Goodluck

So, this has also recently started happening with me... I've been drinking for some time now and I guess you could say that I binge drink - when I go out I have around 4-7 drinks on average.  Well the last couple of times I drank a lot, my forearms and especially right hand were numb/tingly etc.  I mentioned it to a friend and he said that it happens to him too... and he also drinks often.  I don't think its an allergic reaction, but I'm VERY curious about it too. 

I just drank ALOT on New Year's Eve and about 12-24 hours after I stoped drinking my lips, hands and feet went numb.  They were numb for about 2 days and on the third day the started to "wake up".  I rarely drink  and only to excess like 2 or 3 times a year and this is the first time it has happened to me.  It makes me feel good to know that I am not the only one to experience this.  I hope someone will have an answer eventually. 

yeah i still havent really found an answer. my insurance just kicked in. so hopefully once i get an appt with a doctor i can get some answers.

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I have noticed this issue for me too...after I drink I will wake up in the middle of the night and notice my hands are tingling to the point where I feel like I was mowing a lawn or blow drying my hair for hours on end...It's really just an annoyance. When I wake up the morning after drinking it's more intense but not so much like my hands are asleep. When I touch something such as typing on a keyboard the tingle shocks through my hand with each touch. This has happened after a long night of 5-6 drinks or even the other night I went to dinner and had one glass of wine and it still happened, just not as intense as a longer night of drinking, but still verrrry annoying. I switch up the type of drinks I drink, as I said before, Wine has done this to me (a couple of different kinds, too) and also hard liquor, which I drink in cocktails-I never take shots. I don't drink beer often enough to notice if this happens after drinking it. I am thinking about seeing a doctor soon but I am afraid of the same situation as above, taking a few tests and not seeing anything so I go on my way with unanswered questions. If anything finds out anything please post it here!!

I've had the same the problem exactly as described by kitt-e. I've always drank a fare amount on weekends. But this happened to me for the first time about after new years eve (about 24hours after drinking) in a very severe way. I had been drinking a lot that night. I experienced the numbness to the face in particular and what I can only describe as an altered sensation in my face. I felt it particularly when eating, as if I had a lack of control over my facial movements. The itching came a bit later and felt very much like the itch was under my skin. since then I have cut down my drinking drastically but I still get these simptoms, just to a lesser degree (more the itching and tingling). I consulted a nurse who said that as far as she was concerned there was nothing wrong with me. but i think she wasn't exactly qualified to make that assesment. I have mostly tried to ignored it until now. It's nice to know I'm not alone. Since it has re-occured quite a few times I will consult a doctor and keep you posted on the results. It does seem symptomatic of a lack of blood flow. I'm no doctor but t may signal a form of anemia which results from a vitamin B12 deficiency brought on my alcohole consumpsion. This can cause numbness and tingling and is easy to treat with suppliments (just a theory!).

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