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Recently, I get flashback of my dreams during the day. Usually, I do not recall dreams, so it seems very strange. May it point to something?

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This happens to me A LOT, although there are months when it does not occur at all, and months when it happens almost every day. The flashbacks of my dreams are not only of dreams from the previous night, but other nights as well. They are very strange dreams that I do not remember, yet they seem so vivid - as if I had truly experienced them in real life. Often, the flashback only lasts a second, and I cannot quite grasp what is going on. Many times, I feel nauseous afterwards, or lightheaded and feel like crying. I get this really weird creeped out feeling because whatever is going on in the flashback is disturbing to me somehow. I have searched online for answers, but this is one of the first times I've found someone who has had a similar experience. Has anyone else ever experienced nausea or felt seriously disturbed from one of these flashbacks?

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Same thing happened to my husband. He would either remember them or not at the moment he opened his eyes. now he almost always remember them, just not first ting in the morning. It take him a couple of hours to recall.

What made the difference in his case, I think, was that the two of us moved in together and his sleeping and waking up habits changed. Maybe it's the same for you - have you changed your job and have to wake up earlier \ later? did you change alarm clock that wake you up less sudden or let you sleep more? Are you sleeping in different hours?

I read an article about remembering dreams in general a while ago and 
it said that in order to remember dreams it's better to wake up all at once and not drag in bed for a long time.

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This is pretty vague but depending on your issues, beliefs and dream then yes of course your subconscience is telling you something. Read up on dream interpretation and not Freud.

Hope it helps,


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Thanks for all the comments. I actually did change some of my sleeping habits lately. Maybe that's the reason. Thanks again.

flashback dreams are normally caused by something tramatic that has happened in your life... i have them.. im to the oint where i dont sleep. i dont get them during the day, but the reason you remember them is probally because it is something that has always been on your mind. something that will just not go away. i have found that if i wrote about the dreams it helps.

This used to happen to me once in a while but today it's been happening every 5 to 10 minutes. It's the same dream over and over again but the weird part is that I can't describe the dream exactly and it's more like deja vu with roots in the dream. Could there be a sign of a physical health problem causing abnormal brain activity?

I have experienced exactly what you are describing.  Usually, prior to having what I call a full-blown flashback, I will experience one or more sensations signaling that a flashback might commence.  These sensations are hard to describe because they only last a second or so but you could say that they are micro-flashbacks.  When an actual flashback does occur, it feels as though I have been inserted into the middle of a very perplexing, disturbing, and bad dream that I have had recently.  In the middle of it I am acutely aware that I have dreamt the situation before and the dream is now replaying in my head.  Feelings of great distress, discomfort, helplessness, and panic arise.  These negative feelings can be very intense and uncomfortable--sickening is the word that comes to mind.  These dream flashback episodes may be years apart, or days, hours, or minutes apart.

Hi There,

Wow.  I've never heard of anyone else having dream flashbacks during waking hours.  I've had them all my life.  I'll have one second flashbacks of a dream I've had either the night before or any other time in my life, I sometimes flashback to dreams from years prior.  I'm sorry to hear that some of you have accompanying negative feelings.  I also get sensations that accompany the flashbacks but I don't think of them as bad, just intense.  It feels sort of like falling, and deep open spaciousness (which can feel scary), but I know I"m ok so I don't panic.  I think I've just gotten used to it.  Sometimes I think it may be a way of the brain processing stress of some sort by mometarily dissociating.  It would be good to profile ourselves to see if we can identify any common characteristics (ie. childhood trauma, etc.). 

Woody - I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one to have this happen! I've actually thought about going to a doctor because I thought, wow, is something really wrong with me? It seems though, that your flashbacks might last a bit longer than mine... I would be interested to hear what some of the dreams have been about (although I know for me it is really hard to describe exactly what happened in the dreams). I would also be interested to know if the flashbacks tend to occur during times of stress. As yogahappy wrote, it might be that our brains are dissasociating to deal with some type of distress.

Yogahappy - although I don't know that I've experienced any trauma in my childhood, I still think it would be interesting to look for some common characteristics in our lives. Let me know if you would like to do this.

Thanks again for posting - I feel a little bit less like a freak now.

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