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When dream injuries become real

Can dreams cause you to wake with real physical injuries?

I know this sounds crazy.

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oh yeah, especially if you have night terrors,my sister gets up and beats the walls and she doesnt remember doing it .I've had regular dreams that i've been fighting someone and jerked so hard that i pulled my back muscles .I also injured my boyfriend once and kneed him in the groin "Ha Ha " not so funny for him.

look into their eyes and you will find perfection and unconditional love and companionship that you will probably never find in humanity.

Yes, if you're a very active dreamer, it's quite possible to injure yourself.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

Yes the mind can cause the body to show injuries even if all you do is dream and it can cause you to hurt yourself.

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O.k. i have seen all the answers but non, has given an explanation.

What is it called?

How do we deal with it?

Can it be dealt with?

And how do you explain these dreams seeming to become a reality?

I was shot in the chest, in my dream. I woke up in a few seconds gasping for breath as if it were my life. Shot by a cop in a police station. i woke feeling the pain, like a bullet was logged in my chest, and this pain lasted for hours, then faded. then a few days later my cousin was murdered by a cop, in the most unlikely place, shot same place in the chest, as had dreamed

This has happened before. even in high school. and now here i sit feeling a sharp pain, exactly the same way, the same place it was inflicted in a dream i had this morning. Now forgive me, but this sh*t is freaking me out.

A few months after my cousin died i had dream about a very close friend dying and he died the exact same way as he did in me dream.

My dreams does not only associate with death. and they usual turn out on the same path, or very close.

What is the rational explanation for this. It's terrifying.

I would really appreciate a response. preferably, one with knowledge, or at least a sensible one.

Thank you.

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