Do you think dreads (dreadlocks) are attractive? In guys or girls?

 Do you think dreads (dreadlocks) are attractive?  In guys or girls?

Do you think dreads (dreadlocks) are attractive?  In guys or girls?


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Honestly, I don't. I find them dirty or unsanitary.  

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hell yeah they're attractive!

reality is what you make it

that's a common misconception. most people think you can't wash dreads, or that they're formed from filth or something, but no. just no.

dreads are formed from a variety of ways. there's back-combing, palm rolling, twist & rip... and if you dont comb or brush your hair long enough it will knot up into dreads. that's the lazy method. there's no reason to think dreadlocks are unsanitary. dreads can be washed just like normal hair, just preferably with residue-free shampoo. they're as clean as your hair.

let me give an example. my sister got lice from jail, and brought it into the house. my little brother caught it. they both have 'normal' hair.
i have dreads, yet i never caught them. i've never had lice in my life, and  this is my second time with dreads. my hair is uninhabitable :D

reality is what you make it

Ive never seen an adult female that I thought looked sexy with dreads, but guys yes! Jonathan Davis...need I say more?

jonathan davis 

"The Only Way to Get Smarter is by Playing a Smarter Opponent"

why yes, I do

I'm a hot dreadie goddess myself.

It depends on the structue of your face and the size of your head including the size of dreadlocks themselves, too long always look unneat.

If you can do it, i can

I think they are awesome on both girls and guys. For the young lady Lannie, the maintenance of dreads is actually more sanitary and heather then most peoples hair. Just think of all the good smelling residue that builds up in your hair when you use Pantien proV or any shampoo that has a fragrance. Maintaining dreads is very natural and clean. We wash our hair just like you.

They look cool at first but maintenance and trying to keep them clean takes way too much time.

Eventually it's just a dirty, shaggy looking mess.

I'd also rather be running my fingers through nice soft hair rather than a mass of un-sanitary knots.

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