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I can look and draw any pictures I see but I want to be able to create my own without looking at other pictures or ideas, Where / how would I go about doing that? Animation, Japanamation, lanscapes ...

Dear AndaAIa :

   Art and drawing is an acquired skill or as Charles Ludlum ( founder of The Ridiculous Theater Co. , ) once said : " Artists are just people , who do what they did when they were children ...... they just kept doing it , till they got better at it ." I would add , that : it's the motivation to ;"keep doing it " , that is the secret .

So, in answer to your question : I think it is important to use models , as subjects until you can draw from the reservoir of experience . Even , then you'll find drawing from life or using a model will reveal , nuances and details that you can't really imagine .

  I find working on drawing and paintings , starts with a mood or feeling , I want to capture , rather than a literal , mental , image . Then I use whatever is available , as a starting point and go from there .

  Trying to work from just your imagination , is admirable and can be done . However , most artists , I know who are stiving for realism , do start with a model , in one way or another .

  Also working from life , will give your work , an unexpected depth .

  That said , I have noticed several " how to books " on the market , for animation and the extreme perspectives used in that area .

  Good Luck , with your work .


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