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I downloaded videos to my computer and now I cannot find them. .

How do I find videos that I have already downloaded to my computer?  I am not real computer savvy, so I need lots of help.  I know 2 videos downloaded, and possibly a third.  I have checked everywhere on the computer to find them but can not.  Help!!Foot in mouth

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clk.start~find  My Documents~& clk.on file icon`it will open.Then clk. downloads

good luckSmile

If usings windows O/S do a search using explorer. When defining file type to seach for be sure to include your hard drive as the search area. 

You can use  *.mpg or *.mp4 for most common video files.

Use *.wmv if it was a Windows file

Use *.qt if Quicktime

Use *.rm if Realtime

Use *.swf if Macromedia

The above file types are most common                                 

I am assuming that you are using a Windows OS.Usually, I would find my downloaded files on My Documents. A folder named downloads is normally created once the download has began. If you know the title of your documents,you could also search for it using the search icon in your computer .it is the magnifying lens displayed on the upper part of the box.

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try Ant Toolbar. it is easy and it is free from any threats to your computer and free of charge. For Internet Explorer and Firefox. You can use the toolbar in Mozilla Firefox, it has a feature that allows you to rename the video you want to download and select which one. Because sometimes there are sites that makes you download their ad first. Just go to the video page then click download. You can enable sites where you download videos to your Movie List in the Expert Mode. Works great for me:)

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