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Dosages for bedoyecta tri

i am curious, what are the recommended dosages for bedoyecta tri? in other words how many injections can one take in a given time frame?

                                                         thanks, bob

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I'm not a doctor so I'm not sure. I'd suggest speaking with your doctor before injecting yourself with anything.

Animals are man's best friend.

B complex "vitamins" when orally ingested in pill form dilute its effects by nearly 80% that generally speaking is the reason we "pop" so many at a time but are left with only subtle results.  I have been "injected" with Bedoyecta for 20 yrs.

At age 67 I am often mistaken for "approx 55" and am very athletic. 

In most foreign countries the medical field does NOT control medicine as does its vice grip in the U.S. leaving Americans fearful and the most ignorant medicine savvy peoples of the world. For the rest of the world even the least educated become medicine knowledgeable early on much to our overall benefit.  Bedoyecta, produced in Mexico, is the oldest (there is now Tribedoce) direct form of receiving B complex vitamins in the body. Especially B12 which turns you into a torpedo of energy within a week after a "shot" and lasts (give or take) a month.

I bring a 12-shot box to the US and let my Dr. give me the shots at minimal cost. I do NOT do this on a regular basis. Only from time to time. You can also just get B12 shots from your doctor but the cost then - is obviously much higher and herein the effects last only a week. (Go figure).  Regardless, FIRST consult and have your doctor do it one time, so you can check out the B-12 complex injected form - and from there draw your own conclusions whether it is for you.

DO NOT abuse the shots if you buy them. Like all vitamins, excess can be a dangerous thing.  Get your Dr's opinion but keep in mind he won't profit financially if you give him the product so take his/her advice with an open mind.

Later on....join me at the bar-bells lifting competition.......Just kidding.....

2ml... You can take one shot every 3 days.. They are so good. My dad take them every 3 days..

my 18 yr sister had het baby on the 23 of dec 08, and she got the post partum depression .. We gave her the shot and after 2 days the other one, and she is much better,.. hard to believe but truth..

what is this medication for?


Bedoyecta tri is just puure vitamins wich goes strait to your brain..

It helps alot when your depress, tired, stressed out, help for tons of stuff..

bedoyecta is for many problems...my dad was in hospice.,,I took him out of the nursing home just to die...I tried bedoyecta and he got out of the hospice...my whole family use it..we call it the levanta muertos which means the wake up dead  because when you feel like you are dying,tired etc by 3 or 5 days you will feels like a total different person. every other day....and after that you may have it every 6 or 12 months.

hey is it good if i use this for me while im 4months pregnant?  

I have a friend in Mexico as missionary and I ask him to get me best form of B-Complex Injection form and he send me 5 boxes of this B-Tri... Me and my family use it and we are very healthy with lot of prayer to God, Jesus Christ.. I was an drug addict for over 20 years and stop and now i am trying to take care of my body... And this injection is amazing with skin tone, hair, and mood swings and keep you calm... I do not want to rely on B Tri only because God has help me with His Grace... But I order some B Complex from U,K also call "becobion"  you should look into it... Try to take Choline, Insotal and Methionion,  It is part of Lipotropic.. Order it in pill form and is not expensive...  Keep that Liver healthy, this is the key of health... and take multi Vitamin also with this shots very important.... balance it...

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