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How do you get the door from slamming shut

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If you are asking about the sound of a door slamming on AOL, that is a buddy sound for a buddy signing off.  You can eliminate buddy sounds at Settings, Sounds, IM.

If you are asking about a real door, use a doorstop to keep it from slamming when the wind blows.

If it is a screen door, there may be a cylinder that is supposed to keep it from slamming.

You can use spring loaded hinges or install a door closer. This will slow the door down before it slams. If the door is closing on it's own, mostly likely it's out of plumb. You can bend the hinge pins slightly to give some resistance.

Install a door like pro in minutes with EZHang

As a possible solution for your slamming doors, there is a device called a door check, you might wanna check it out on www.dictator.nl/engels/fredo.htm.



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