Donovan McNabb a Minnesota Viking?

What are the chances of Donovan McNabb being traded to the Minnesota Vikings?

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I wouldn't be that surprised if he became a Viking.

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It could happen, but unfortunately for Donovan the end of his career is very near. His skill-set has diminished a lot and he never had the 'x' factor when playing here in Philly. In other words, no heart, leadership, and fierce competitor such as a Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and others.

There's great reason why we couldn't win the Superbowl when Donovan wan in Philly, and you're are seeing it now. A great quarterback who's been in the league for a decade should be great anywhere he goes - look at Brett Favre. Even though he throws a lot of interceptions, just look at how he plays the game!

What you are seeing in Washington are Donovan's true deficiencies which was a cover up by the head coach in Philadelphia. Andy Reed took him as far as Donovan's ability would allow; His lack of throwing the ball accurately is one of his trademarks and perhaps the highest in the NFL.

If he goes to a west coast offensive team, only then will we know if Donovan has anything left in the tank. Then again, he might retire.

Sorry if I appear to be down on Donovan - it's only the player, not the person.

I can't see that happening.  Although anything is possible.  I think I read where the Dolphins might be interested in him too.  I don't know why, I mean he is ok and all but he needs to pull more wins out.

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