Where does the donation money to the ASPCA go?

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The money goes to New York City. The ASPCA is not the umbrella agency for all of America. When your donate to the ASPCA, you help pay a huge number of staff saleries starting with the CEO who makes over $400,000 per year. That is more than most operating budgets for the small animal rescue shelters all over America. Each year the ASPCA spend about $10,000,000 just for advertising. I could go on and on, but the ASPCA gives me a headache.

      this ASPCA is spending billions on advertising...these 3 minute commercials are all over the TV...fox...cnn...abc....cbs....nbc...they're on cable stations....they're freakin everywhere....you know and I know this has to be govt money for an ad campaign this humongus....I only wish our federal govt would spend 10% as much to create jobs for humans.....I'm all for humane treatment of animals...but animals are not humans...and humans are not animals.....which is precisely the message our govt is trying to create.....this subliminal message is that animlas are equal to humans...so then we must be animals.....thats what this whole thing is about folks....U must be able to see thru this Phony Obama lowering of our std of living and trying to make us beleive we are just animals and we are not God's special creations......  David G   columbus ohio

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