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Discuss Lynda's answer to: Where to donate a brand new walking cane/stick for the blind in worcester mass. area?

Where can I donate a new walking/folding cane for the blind and vision impaired in the worcester, mass. area? I have a never-used folding cane here, and can't seem to find any local organizations for ...

How kind of you to try to find someone who needs such a thing.  I'd be inclined to try the local Lion's Club, if any.  If not, go on line and look for the maker of handmade walking canes who might be both interested AND have a  receipient for it. Depending upon where it folds in it's design, the hobbiests might want to improve upon it somehow?  God bless you for your good efforts! 

"Charity [godly love] covers a multitude of sins."~Holy Scripture
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