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Domestic abuse

Do you think that a marriage can be truly healed after physical, verbal,emotional abuse?

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No I do not think that a marriage can heal after that. I know from  experiance that it can't. My x used to beat me & sexually abuse me. This went on for 5 years,he would tell me that I was ugly and no other man would want me. I started to beleive him and still are having problems due to him. But I know for sure that I am better off without him in my life. Yes I have the war wounds from him, but my new husband would never raise a hand to me. Good Luck!

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yes, i think that a marriage can heal after that, but the two of you have to be willing to work at it togther. also, if the abuser begin to go at it again, then it is time to move on. my marriage survived it. but it never got to the point where either one of us were hospitalized.

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No i dont think the marriage can be healed after that point. Nor do i think it should try to be saved, you shouldnt leave yourself in a situation were you are abused, its unhealthy. Im sure its hard to leave someone you love but when your in this position in the long run you'll be better off with someone who shows you the respect you deserve.

it can be .....mine was , and i'm talking after many years of abuse. mostly emotionally and verbal with occasional physical abuse too. however it takes the both of you to achieve the desired result. you both must honestly commit to the betterment of the marriage. show respect , interest and listen.

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