Dogs and sunlight

How important is it for dogs to have sunlight? I have a 5 year old boston terrier that enjoys being in the sun and it actuallys gives me a break from him because he is always wanting to play. I live in a one bedroom apartment that generally doesnt receive much sunlight. The only room that receives alot of sunlight is my bedroom and I tend to leave my room door open so he can go in and have sunlight during the day when we (my fiance and I) arent home. He has the tendency of laying on my bed. I allow this only if my bed is made and his blanket is laid out. Even so he sheds and my fiance is fed up with it and doesnt want him in the room anymore. I on the other hand disagree and would hate to leave him in a dark living room during the day when we r at work. Any thoughts or ideas?

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How does it make you feel, the apt yes is small but he's apart of your family, alot of people dont admit they allow their pets to sleep with them, theres nothing wrong with it your pet will always love you unconditional, you are number 1, they know when you coming they wait missing you and are happy when you're there, so your girl needs to be part of it.

i no he sheds alot, but dogs do need sunlight just like we do cause it gives them the vitamins they need. but if you take him outside for a while that will make upp for the time he doesnt get in your room. or you can take him to the park once a week or take him to the beach or something. i hope this works for you! :) ....the cutest place to stay at ever! What if the rest of your life was the best of yoru life?

Dogs don't need sunlight, but they do like to be somewhere they can see outside especially if they are cooped up all day. Do try to take your dog for a walk every day when you get home from work, as dogs do need and love fresh air. They love to be walked and played with outside on the grass where they can chase squirrels and birds and bugs and whatever else they see. Don't worry about leaving him in a room with no sunlight, that won't bother him one bit, but not getting out to excersize in the fresh air will.

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