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My dog is moving very slow & cries out when she ...

My dog is moving very slow & cries out when she jumps off the bed. she will eat and drink water. She always loved going for walks so when its time for all the dogs to go for a walk she gets so excited. when we get back she instantly cant hardly move. She looks like she walking in slow motion. I have to help her up on the bed then when she gets down she cries out. I petted her head once, she cried out and another time I barely touched her side  and she cried out. She definately is not herself. What could be wrong?

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That's very worrying, we can't just recommend something without actually seeing her. Best thing to do is to let the vet check her. She might eaten something that upsets her stomach. Please take her to the vet immediately.

There is something drastically wrong with your dog. It could be cancer!! You do not say how old of a dog it is. Take her to a vet right away,as this could be very serious. You do not want your dog to suffer needlessly!. If you do not have the money ask your vet if you can make payments,or call your local S.P.C A. and ask their advice,but please do it soon. Good luck!

It may be that your dog is feeling pain while walking in an upward direction (like when she is jumping onto something) although I realize this doesn't make sense of when you tried to pet her and she called out. Something is definitely wrong. So I'd suggest taking her to the vet. Good luck.

Never give up on someone you can't go a day without thinking about.

You don't say how old your dog is, but from what you have related, I would assume old. Give her a break, you'll be the same way when you get old. They can't go forever anymore than we can. There are however many medications on the market that can ease her pain and make life a little easier should she be suffering from arthritis, or any of the other afflictions associated with old age.

Give the dog a break, if she's old she needs one.

Yesterday's gone and Today is going fast, Tomorrow is all we have, Until it to has passed Band of One

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