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Can 10 years Old Dog having puppies

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It depends on the breed and how healthy they are we have had numerous husky/wolve puppies from other dogs soo yeah :) I wouldnt recommend it with Rottweilers though because of their hips we had problems with that aswell.

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If you are asking if a stud's sperm is viable at 10 years of age, it is possible.  But I would have his sperm checked by a reproductive vet because chances are his sperm may be old, dead, or damaged.

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That would be an unfotunate event for the female and her litter. I am a breeder and get my females spayed by the ages of 5 for the Dobermans and 6 for the Mini Schnauzers. They deverve to have the second half of their lives lived in comfortable retirement being queens of the house. I think it's unhealthy for the  female as well, pregnancy and nursing a litter is hard work for them  couple that with advanced age- not a good idea at all in my opinion.

I am Breeder and some female can still have puppies. It is the way you take care of them. I saw 13 years American Pit Bull Terrier had puppies.

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I have to agree with 'doggie Momma'

Its really not a good idea. Its like a 70 year old having a baby.

Is your dog already pregnant? Or do you have a male?

Good luck

Sincerely, F.A.B. ~Micki~


Dogie mama and FAB Micki are right. It's not a good idea. Aside from the dog being put in a very uncomforable physical situation, you'd be adding to the population of homeless dogs that has increased ten-fold in the last few years due to dog owners' belief that they can make a buck by selling litters. While some of these puppies will find good homes, most will not. They will be sold to people who cannot properly care for them and these puppies will suffer. They will end up in shelters, counting their days until someone else adopts them or they are put to sleep. Please take a look at some of them at DogsinDanger.com.

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