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What is false heat cycle in dogs

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Hi there,

  You know, back in the 60's I had a female collie, she never had babies. and when she was older, at least once a year, I think that is what she went through, false heat. She picked one item, I remember a rubber toy from Avon, and she would lay on it, carry it, growl if someone got to close to it. Treated it just like it was her baby. That lasted like 2 weeks. Then she would just ignore it. And I always thought it was because did never had babies. I don't know what went on in the inside of her, but she acted funny and was not sick. but....... she was never spaded, and when she was 13 years old, she passed away from an uterous infection. Now I know better and all my pets have been fixed. I know I didn't tell much, but your question made me think of her. Love Bevi

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Yes there is a link between her symptoms and the dogs in heat. The dog is going through part of her menstrual cycle and at this point a number of symptoms occur. Your dogs has more acute symptoms than most. For more information check out this link dogs in season .

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okay thanks for your help. we will take her to the vet as soon as possible.

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Dogs should go into heat for 3 weeks, every 6 months. 3 months is definitely too long and you should have your dog checked out by the vet. There could be a hormonal imbalance or another problem that you need to treat. I hope that everything is ok. Wishing you and your dog the best.