Why do some dogs bite on their penis

I have a 2 year old pit mixed with bull why does he bite on his penis all the time


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He's probably itching himself.  You can ask the vet about this... you might just have to break the habbit and say no every time he does this. 

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Well I don't know if that is anything to worry about. I have a dog does the same thing. I guess only thing to do is ask a vet. With my dog I keep in the house some and when I see him do that it makes me think that he has to pee. But that may not be so.

I'm not sure your dog is biting himself. Maybe he is just licking. This could be out of habit or he is either trying to clean himmself or it just feels good to him. A cat will clean itself for a week it seems every time it goes to the bathroom. Different strokes for differnt animals. When you see him do it to excess, get his attention, and firmly tell him no. Maybe he will catch on after a week or so.

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Hi. My dog (Daschund, neutered) does the same. The classic answer to "Why?" is "Because they can". The most vet researched answer is they do it for self comfort when feeling needy, anxious, upset.  It's rare that it's a self cleaning thing, or need to pee. A forceful reprimand, NO!, given regularly will stop him. He'll either stop doing it, or do what my dog does..he looks at me to see if I'm watching, or on the computer. When he thinks I don't see, he  checks me out to be sure, looks guilty as hell and starts again, trying to hide behind something.  Good luck! 

pitbull is a bread, its not pit mised with bull, unless your talking about a bull dog, you know that fat short ones with wrinkles. anyways, take him to a vet, if hes doing that all the time he might have fleas, seeing how they bite themselves to itch.

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