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What can i give my dog for his hair loss, dry skin and iching?qt=q

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You need to take your dog to your veterinarian.

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Besides taking your dog to the vet, you can add a shampoo to her once-a-month regime. I use 8 in 1 Perfect Coat Medicated Coal Tar shampoo. It will help relieve itching and refresh skin.

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Hair loss and dry itchy skin can often be caused by allergies. Excessive scratching, licking or biting are also signs of an allergy. Many dogs suffer from dog food allergies, flea allergies, seasonal or contact allergies and all of them result in skin problems.

Finding the trigger is important. You can either do some detective work of your own or ask your vet to do some allergy tests.

meanwhile, there are many over the counter products that can ease the discomfort. The ones containing hydrocortisone are very effective. Dogs with food allergies benefit greatly from food that has been specifically formulated for them.


Check the link below for more information, tips and advice and links to articles on the various allergies, medications, special foods etc .

<a href="" rel="nofollow" cl="http://www.the-puppy-dog-place.com/" class="comlink">The Puppy Dog Place</a>

believe it or not you can go cheap on this problem your dog have. you use old burnt mortor oil from any vehicle from an oil change. make sure old oil is all the vehicle has in it and not some sort of additive to enhance performance.

OMG...do NOT ever put motor oil on an animal. ANY animal !!


Long ago, dipping dogs with demodectic mange in motor oil was a popular home remedy. Skin exposure to motor oil can cause rashes and skin destruction in severe cases. The hydrocarbons can be absorbed through the skin and cause a dangerous drop in blood pressure. If motor oil is licked off the coat, resultant vomiting can lead to aspiration of motor oil into the lungs and pneumonia. Kidney and liver damage can result from motor oil dipping. 

See a vet, and look into food allergies as well. You may consider switching foods if you are feeding a low quality food with lots of corn, wheat and other additives in it. 

Here's a good site to research dog foods. 

Dog Food Analysis - Reviews of kibble

You will have to take your dog to the vets and diagnose what is causing this first, then the remedy.  Probilly the sooner the better incase the dog is uncomfortable.

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use omega oil in with food everyday also my dog does take prednisone when he is really itching and if his feet start to get really red then he goes to the vet for a shot do not ever use motor on an animal!!!!!

my dog his lose in his hair on his back legs and his back ive took him to the vets but the tablets dont work wat can i do

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