My dog is afraid of flies. He thinks he is seeing ...

My dog is afraid of flies. He thinks he is seeing flies in the house all time, he is continuly looking up and running to the other room. How do I get him to stop??? He is now starting to do it outside as well. I have tried to keep him occupied but it doesn't seem to work anymore.

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It's the first time I hear about such a problem. If you would have tell that he is afraid from cats I'd suggest that you gradually introduce him to cats along with rewarding, but suggesting to gradually introduce him to flies is just too weird...

Try rewarding him every time there's a fly around, make it a positive experience for him.  

I think your dog could have something wrong with his eyes, sort of flashes and spots which could give him the impression of seeing flies everywhere. It happens something similar with humans when there's a problem connected to the retina or the cataract.

i have never heard of such a thing but try rewarding him everytime a fly is in the house.  make him sit and then stay as a fly goes past but keep reasuring him that your still there with him.  And to the seeing flies everywhere well he might just be so scared of them that his head keeps playing tricks and making him think he's seeing them when there not really there.

Our dog has exactly the same problem, and lately it is getting worse.  We are also curious to see what answers you get to your query.

Our dog has the same problem as well. He runs and hides under the bed whenever he sees a fly. He was actually bitten by one at one point and now freaks out whenever they are around.

We have tried distracting him, talking to him when there are flies around. Ignoring him when he goes under the bed but rewarding him when he comes back out but so far nothing seems to be working.

Has there been any improvement for you yet?

Uhmmm. I Seem To Have The Same Problem With My Dog. He Just Isn't Himself Anymore Because Of Fly's. Maybe It's The Breed?? What Kind Of Dog Do You Have?? I Need To Fix My Dog! Lawll. (: So, Honestly We Can't Tell People That Our Dog Wouldn't Hurt A Fly. That May Be The One And Only Thing He WOULD Actually Hurt. . . .DD:

I have a miniature schnauzer , he is better, when he see a fly and wants to hide we close the doors and make him stay with us. We also give him 1 St. John's wart per day

my pomerainian is also scared of flies....i just started noticing this a couple days ago.  he runs and hides if there is even just one fly around?!?!?!

i keep putting him under a cover with his head barely out and reassuring him its ok but maybe this is not the right thing?

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